Skin Needling with our V2 Injector – Game Changer for Skin

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Are you looking to achieve tighter, firmer, glowing skin? At each treatment our patients will receive 3ml to hydrate and repair the skin.

Currently available for $699 for treatment on either:

  • Full face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage

With this treatment our goal is to treat and repair the skin rather than simply filling lines or increasing volume. This creates a not only a better treatment solution but gives you longer lasting and more natural results. Your skin will generate new collagen and elastin leaving you with great results.

Treatment will remain in the skin approximately 4-5 weeks ensuring an optimal environment for fibroblasts. After treatment you will see tiny visible lumps which will reside within 24 hours, integrating beautifully into your skin. Downtime is minimal with some patients exhibiting no bruising post treatment, others with more fragile skin may see some bruising and blotches for up to 4 days. A breathable skin foundation can easily mask effects. We recommend having this treatment 10 days prior to any special occasions to be sure no adverse side effects are lingering.

The results from treatment should be seen as regenerative and ongoing in nature. This is a real solution, not a temporary treatment. Generally most patients should see results for up to 12 months before the effects of ageing are seen once again.

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